Our multisensor-multitarget tracking suite consists of:

vViewer is a state-of-the-art integrated plug-in based tracking software that offers a comprehensive solution for surveillance, safety & security, search & rescue and transportation applications in air, space, ground, maritime and underwater scenarios.

vTracker, which is the core of our software suite, is capable of tracking a large number of targets in real-time with minimal computing resources using context-dependent multiple model-based algorithms including the Multiple Hypothesis Tracker (MHT), Multi-Frame Assignment (MFA) tracker, Joint Integrated Probabilistic Data Association (JIPDA) tracker, Joint Probabilistic Data Association (JPDA) tracker and the Probability Hypothesis Density (PHD) filter. vTracker incorporates many recent advances made by researchers from VTRACKER, including sophisticated algorithms for online clutter estimation, track smoothing, multiple model prediction, and smart rotating radar data processing. vTracker, which includes additional algorithms for out-of-sequence data processing, sensor scheduling and bias estimation/registration, can be integrated into any existing tracking system through our API.